Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Older, Shorter Rounder, Slower

If you always felt that old people looked, well, kind of short, you're right!  I recently read that as you age you actually shrink.  In fact, everything on your body shrinks.  This is bad news for us men because as you know, nobody wants to lose size in the, (ahem) manly area.  That is actually quite depressing and undignified.  No wonder Viagra has been such a hit.  I don't even think it's sex that motivates these geezers to consume boxes and boxes of this wonder drug.  My feeling is that they just want to walk around hard so that they don't have to see their junk shrinking before their old, aged eyes!
Dang, what a crappy thing it is to get old.  You shrink and you can't screw anymore.  What else is there?  Oh yes, you can eat and drink and get fat as you shrink into a 300 pound midget.
Great.  All that leaves is a fat, little old guy walking slowly around the block with a huge hard on trying to keep in shape.
Where's the ammo for my .40 caliber?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Asberger Woman Describes Her Sex Life

Funny and sad at the same time.

Asberger Woman says Sexting is Cool

According to this very successful woman, it's ok to send pictures of ones naughty bits across the internet to strangers "as long as its hot". Well ok. That settles it! I'm looking for some red velvet pillows and Vaseline lenses right now!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

California middle school teacher fired over porn film role

California middle school teacher fired over porn film role

I read this article and you know what I was hoping for right?  PICTURES!  What did she look like?  I hate newspapers.  They think they are so high and mighty!  Any self loathing TV news report would have teased us with this for the 11 o'clock news report and then given us about 5 different pictures of her in blasé  poses while we yearned to find out: 1:  What does she look like naked 2:  What film was she in 3:  can we google her?

No-Butt-Y Wants to See My Butt

So my one follower has indicated that the reason I can't get anybody to read my blog is because I threatened to post my bare ass on this page.  Thanks CJ for that.  I now understand that there is no market for a 50 year old's flat ass on the internet.  Unless you're into that sort of thing...and that's you're own business....
Anyway Im convinced that the only thing that garners any interest on the internet is celebrities and porno or celebrity porno or celebrities  caught in some sort of porno type activity, (you know PeeWee Herman, George Michaels, Hugh whats his name Eddie Murphy etc.).

So now I'm turning my blog into a celebrity porn tracker!  That's what I will be posting for now on.  It will include pictures when possible!  And scintillating interviews!

Good idea?

Monday, May 07, 2012

Nobody reads this blog.  I haven't posted in about a year.  You know why?  Because my life is dull and nobody gives a crap!  Hell, I bet if I posted a picture of my ASS nobody would read this blog.  Let's take a vote.  If I get 20 comments on this posting I WILL post a picture of my bare ass right on this blog for the world to see and make fun of.  That's how sure I am that nobody reads my blog.  The end!  LOL!