Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm here again

Have not posted in quite a long time, but was eating lunch and remembered that I had a blog!
Today everyone is getting ready for Hurricane Irene. That means the dumb-asses who live in this area have stripped every store clean of water, batteries, bread and milk. Milk? Why milk? When the power goes out you'll be stuck with cheese. I on the other hand invested in a generator years ago, so I have that in the ready. I have my ammo stock piled for anyone that tries to take my generator, and I have my MRE's all set to go.
Let the zombies come!

Unkept Deadlines Lead to Unkempt Corpses

It was hot.  Real hot.  But Larry the Snitch said he had a hot tip that something big was going to be breaking and we had to meet.  He called this afternoon but wouldn't give me the info over the blower.  He said it was too hot to pass over the wires and "you never know who's listening".

I left a note with my secretary Charlene so she knew where I would be.  She's a good kid but she's a bit of a bubble brain.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

I've been reminded I should blog. I asked why? My life is not that interesting. Can I blog in a fictitious fashion to make it more interesting? Sure! Why not was the resounding answer. So, your mission for now on, dear reader of The Chaz Sheet, is to determine if what I'm writing really happened or really DIDN'T happen. In other words is it FACT or FICTION?
They say fact is stranger than fiction so you may be able to decipher the story's true genre by using that as your rule of thumb. However, my life and my mind are both very strange and surreal so you as the reader will drift between the two worlds of my factual life and fictionally desired realities. There's a sign post up ahead, your next stop The Chaz Sheet Zone!