Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night with a Computer

Its Friday night at 10:00 and I'm stting in my basement reconfiguring my old desktop PC..and I'm having a good time.  What happened to me?  At one point in my life I was just getting done coiffing my hair, throwing on my old army jacket and slugging down a Bud on my way out to carouse until wee hours of the night looking for fun and women.  Now I'm plotting a music server with an old Pentium chip XP computer I have and ripping some CD's while I wait for it to finish updating. Woohoo!  I'm amazed at its speed when its stripped down and relieved of its office software and kiddie games and all the pictures and antivirus crap.  I am a bit geeky now.  Its very weird.  I think I should drink something quick!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah...maybe some milk to help your Lobstein...


    You're not old. You're just too mature to wreck your body on a Friday night and vomit up all the vice on Saturday morning.