Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Pain

It can always find me, no matter where I go
I never can hide from its long haunted reach
Always staying close to me and never far from my home
Pain is ever present, ready to teach.

It carved half of my sight from out of my face
Its searing hot crooked blades shot through my head
I'm slowed down alot now, I'm outta the race
But I have my reasons to rise from my bed.

But there's pain, always pain
It reminds you you're alive
That you're not yet gonna die
And that's pain.

They shot X-Ray through my sick and dying chest
And they pumped toxic chemicals straight through my vains
Pain had its fun, it made me a mess
Made me feel like my body was held down in chains.

But I got 20 years before it did its worst damage
My heart just gave me troubles, but nothing I can't manage

But there's pain, always pain
It reminds you you're alive
That you're not yet gonna die
And that's pain.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tour Review: Izod Show NJ Aug 24 2010

Last night I returned to the Rock'n'Roll world of live music in a big way!  I attended Tom Petty and the Heartbreak's Mojo Tour at the Izod Center in East Rutherford NJ and this morning still am stoked from the energy of the show.
Having never seen TP&THB's live before I didn't know what to expect.  Was TP going to hit us with new stuff right away?  Is he an artist that shuns the old and classic stuff and insist that his fan base move along with him as he releases new songs?  Well, TP knows what brought him his fan base and he delivered right out of the gate!  The set started with a classic, Listen to Her Heart.  The crowd erupted when the guitar hit those familiar chords and happiness filled the arena because we knew we were in for a good night.  The marijuana haze quickly rose with the cheers as You Don't Know How it Feels was the next song on the list for the band to play.  The crowd was delighted with the choices so far and they were vocal about it.  This audience ranged in age from 18 to 50 something.  Mostly prevalent were the thirty-something crowd who were enjoying the serious rock and roll and classic R7B that the band was pumping out.  Next in the set was I Wont Back Down, then (as Tom Petty said) for the girls backstage and in the audience, Free Fallin'.
The band then paid homage to Fleetwood Mac as they did an excellent rendition of Oh Well which really sounded terrific.  After that, Last Dance with Mary Jane kicked the crowd into a fury.  Here's where I lose track of the list a bit.I think I heard Kings Highway which was a surprise from the Great Wide Open album.
TP worked in new songs from his outstanding R&B rock album Mojo next with Jefferson Jericho.  I liked this song, but the harmonica may be a bit to overwhelming in the piece.  It should supplement and not dominate in my opinion.  The next songs were The Running Man's Bible, which I didn't know but enjoyed and I Should Have Known It which Mike Cambell Killed on guitar!  He was absolutely amazing on this an left the audience gasping.
After this song TP called for the house lights and the audience roared to life.  TP then played an acoustic version of Learning to Fly that the audience practically sang, and he let them.  Don't Come Around Here was next and the energy from this song was driving everyone to their feet and making people look silly dancing in their places.  There was this cool strobe light effect they used at the end of the song that was wild.  Refugee was next and the band hit this hard.  They totally blew the place apart as they used this one to leave the stage when they were done.  The crowd did their thing in demanding they come back and after a while the band returned.  They played Running Down a Dream and used a very interesting laser show on the opposite wall.  It really was a spectacle but the music was the driving force.  The finale of course was his anthem, American Girl.  The band played with enthusiasm and energy and the crowd soaked it up.  The entire night was enjoyable from start to finish.  TP&THB's are talented Rockers and excellent entertainers most of all.  I would absolutely spend anther evening with them given the opportunity.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dogged Progress in Training but we are Doggone Tired

July 1st we received Hunter from The Seeing Eye organization.  We volunteered to be puppy raisers for them.  The deal is that we get a pup, we house break them, train them in some basic commands they need to know and then between 14 and 20 months The Seeing Eye comes back for them and takes them back to continue their training at the Morristown NJ campus.  The program is amazing and the family is very interested in how these dogs can become trained to guide a blind person through so many dangerous obstacles.  We attended Family day a couple of years ago and saw the intense training the dogs go through in preparation for becoming a guide dog.  We heard from people who have received these dogs and how they have changes their lives.  It was inspiring.
We also were fortunate to have seen the process first hand when our niece raised two of these dogs and we watched the progress of these animals.
Now we have Hunter.  He's called a Cross, (or a X) because he was a mix between a lab and a golden.  Everyone I have met so far tell me that this combination is very intelligent and that the program has great success with these animals.  All I know is he came to us at 8 weeks and was very calm and already sat on command.  He seems very responsive to training and seems willing to work.  He is about 11 weeks old now and seems to be showing a rebellious side, but I think he is just being a puppy.  Overall, he is focused and looking to please us.  He isn't spooked by loud noises such as thunder storms or vacuum cleaners.  He doesn't chase squirrels and rabbits.  Isn't perturbed by traffic or lawn mowers.  He has gotten a variety of exposure and seems very stable.  I think this dog will be fine in the program.  If he doesn't make the seeing eye program for any reason and they don't have another use for him, (such as law enforcement or therapy dog) we will get an opportunity to get him back.  I think this is a long shot though.  Hunter seems destined to help a blind person.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Song List

I never went to a karaoke bar, but if I did I have in my head a list of songs I would sing.  They are in no particular order:
  • Roadhouse Blues-The Doors
  • Bat Out of Hell-Meatloaf
  • Drift Away-Dobie Gray
  • Big Weekend-Tom Petty
  • Damaged by Love-Tom Petty
  • Flirting with Time-Tom Petty (I like Tom Petty)
  • I Need You-The Beatles
  • Help-The Beatles
  • Feel a Whole Lot Better-The Byrds
  • Southbound-Allman Brothers Band
  • Simple Kinda Man-Lynrd Skynrd
I probably can think of more, but I'm sure people would be sick of me by then and tell me to sit down.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Egg Coloring

Easter Egg coloring is an adventure whe you have a bunch of wee ones. Dishes of dye ou on somebodys table and little kids can make your hair stand on end, but my wifes sister and her husband were cool as cucumbers as these kids colored egss and tables an chisrs and anything else within 20 feet of the area. I give them alot of credit.
Happy Easter everyone!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Jarring Moment

I don't know if you have ever had one of these moments happen to you.  But when it does it is disconcerting and disorienting and really annoying at the same time.  The moment I'm referring to is that which you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, or  window or some reflection of yourself, and you don't recognize yourself for a minute.  For a brief moment you are puzzled at the person in the reflection.  Then to your horror you realize it is you!  I believe that this is something that happens to oneself as you age because you have this image of yourself as a younger person.  The reflection you see is the reality.  The aging you.  I don't mind getting old but why does your mind take so long to get along with the program?  Why does it lag behind and think we ae still that 28 year old?  I guess thats wat keeps us going so long.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, this is MY Cougar Moment...

Nothing happens in my life.  Nothing.  Do you understand?  I get up.  I jog.  I go to work.  They beat me up.  I go home.  They beat me up.  I make lunches.  I clean up from dinner.  I get the coffee ready for the 4:30 wake up, (ahhh...coffee!), and thats it.  Everything in between consists of running my kids around, (mostly the 15 year old) and watching The Yankees and the Giants and two shows on TV.  (I follow 24 and Lost.)  So now you know how boring my life really is!  So something happened two weeks ago that was really surreal, crazy and interesting.
I had to work late (as it has been the case lately) and was leaving the building listening to my music.  I was set to do a quick walk to the bus terminal and get the next bus as fast as possible so I could resume my boring life at home when a well dressed older woman approached me with a bit of an excited look on her face and was obviously asking me something.  She was a nice looking woman who was probably somewhere in her early 60's.  She had the look of someone who was in town for a show, or a night on the town.  I figured she was looking for a theater or a restaurant and was seeking my help to find it.  I had my music up pretty loud, (it had been a stressful day and I was decompressing) so I didn't hear what she was saying.  I stopped and pulled one ear bud out of my ear and said, "I'm sorry ma'am.  I didn't hear you.  What is it you need?"  She looked at me and said "Oh your listening to music? Oh that's nice.  Music."  Instantly I knew I had made a mistake.  Another looney tune in the city and I decided to stop and talk.  "Yes.  I'm listening to music." I said to her.  "What can I help you with?"  She looked straight at me and said"  I don't live far from here.  I was wondering if you would like to come to my place and have a little fun.  We could have some drinks and have some fun.  What do you say?"  My ears were hearing it, but my mind was processing it saying "Noooo way!  Did this broad just proposition me?"  Then she asked me again, "do you want to go?  I really don't live far form here."  Then I did something I probably shouldn't have done, but I couldn't help it.  I laughed.  Out loud.  I couldn't help it.  The whole scene was bizarre, surreal and just plain insane at the same time.  I held up my ring finger and said "I'm sorry.  I'm a married man."  She sniffed and said "oh" and walked on.
When I got home I told my wife and she laughed..... hysterically.  I suppose she isn't threatened by this.
I guess this was my "cougar" moment.  When you're 48 years old the cougars would be about 60 something.
Maybe older...that's just plain scary.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night with a Computer

Its Friday night at 10:00 and I'm stting in my basement reconfiguring my old desktop PC..and I'm having a good time.  What happened to me?  At one point in my life I was just getting done coiffing my hair, throwing on my old army jacket and slugging down a Bud on my way out to carouse until wee hours of the night looking for fun and women.  Now I'm plotting a music server with an old Pentium chip XP computer I have and ripping some CD's while I wait for it to finish updating. Woohoo!  I'm amazed at its speed when its stripped down and relieved of its office software and kiddie games and all the pictures and antivirus crap.  I am a bit geeky now.  Its very weird.  I think I should drink something quick!