Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Done with the Bus Observations

No more about the bus...for now. Right now I want to talk about Facebook. I think I have to stop being on Facebook for awhile. I decided Facebook is narcissism. I'm starting to feel too self absorbed there. It's all about me and whats going on with me and here's some pictures of me doing stuff. Why do I think anybody gives a crap? My life is pretty damn boring as it is. Why would I want to bore others with this stuff anyway? It would only be interesting if I did interesting stuff! Maybe I should wait to post that stuff instead of camping pictures and land of make believe photos. I'm falling asleep thinking about it. Now If me and the wife vacationed at a nudist resort, that would be an interesting post. And quite narcissistic!
Anyway I'm going to take a FB break. I am digging this Twitter thing though where you can share music and comment on it. I've been posting that to my FB page, but nobody either sees it or wants to comment on it. I am going try that for awhile and see if I can get a buzz on that. Maybe I can link it to this blog? hmmmmmm am I being narcissistic?

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