Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bus Stories: Chapter Two

Today I want to tell you about the Philipino lady that runs to the line no matter if there is a bus there or not. She is obsessed with beating you to the line and getting in front of you no matter what. You can be walking down the ramp to the bus line and all of a sudden a whooshing sound will go by you and a streak of black hair and white sneakers is all you can see as this crazy woman speeds past you to get one spot in fron of you in line. One day I saw her coming and started jogging. She started sprinting harder. I picked up speed and she started coming at me harder. I started running and before you knew it we were in a foor race. I had to start sprinting, but I beat her to the line. When I got there I put up my arms like a champion. She gave me a dirty look that seemed to say, I will get you again one day. What a lunatic!
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