Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bus Stories: Chapter Three

Another interesting character is a man I liked to call "brief case seat man". I called him this because he seemed to revel in the times when the bus was full and was standing only. He would hop gaily upon the bus chuckling slyly to himself then walk down the aisle. Once he found himself an open spot, he would place his briefcase down and take out some sort of home made plank and wedge it into the briefcase. This would then act as a seat that would run across the brief case that he could sit on. He would happily plop himself down on that and smile as if he had just found money. Then he would take out of an expandable side pocket on the brief case a portable coffee mug that was wrapped in electrical tape and sip at it until we arrived into the city. I suppose the electrical tape gave it some extra thermal capabilities? He was quite an intriguing passenger on the old 165.