Monday, March 23, 2009

Closing in on the end

We are ending the final phase of the construction. It took longer than expected due to a brutally cold and snowy winter. The house was especially cold this year because it was open to the weather in spots where windows were missing, and pieces of the house were missing! I suffered in there this year. Usually its very cozy, but this winter was cold, damp and just awful. We spent the better part of the winter in the warmest part of the house...the basement. That's where we put the TV and the couch and that's the only place that there were no holes open to the outside. Well that is now behind us and the house is shaping up. What's left is painting and getting the outside back into shape. By the summer, it will all be a distant memory. I am actually looking forward to next winter when I can fire up my new fireplace and warm my old bones next to it. Hopefully we will have fond memories in the newly constructed family room.