Friday, December 26, 2008

A New Tradition

Yesterday was Christmas. Usually we spend it with my family. We get up in the morning, open presents then do this mad dash to get ready and get to the Christmas celebration. It usually involves travelling crowded highways and trying to make it to places at appointed times which translates into stressful events. Well yesterday I told my family that I was taking the Christmas holiday at home with my family. They were a little puzzled. Why would I do that? Christmas is a time to be with family! I explained that I wanted to stay home and enjoy my family and just relax with them on Christmas. I wanted to step back from the hustle and bustles of having to be here and be obliged to visit because its Christmas.
It was a great decision. We had the most stress free and relaxing holiday we have ever had. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves right through to the evening. They play with their gifts, enjoyed a Christmas dinner served on fine china and just a relaxing special time together. We didn't have to be anywhere, or go anywhere, or have to do this or was our time. It was special and it was great. It is a new tradition.