Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Picking at Maskers Farm

We went Apple picking at Maskers Farm on Sunday. It was a cool fall day. The wind was blowing, the leaves were turning a beautiful red and golden color and...there were hardly any apples left in the orchard! Hard to believe, but true! The place was virtually picked clean. It was the middle of October and the orchard was practically bare. We had invited my wife's brother and sister and their families up to this orchard that was about an hour's ride away and there seemed to be no fruit to be found. My wife was starting to sweat even though the temperature was cool. After awhile we started to find the apples though. It became a hunt, One had to use all of their senses to find the elusive fall fruit. The apples were tucked high in the trees and camouflaged in the leaves but, they were there. We ended up having a great time. My brother in law climbed trees and knocked apples down with a stick. The kids thought that was so funny. I never thought he could scamper up a tree, but he did it. It was a fantastic day and everyone want to go again next year. Go figure.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taking a Time Out for Catarina

I am taking a time out on the construction description, (of which there is not alot) to give a little notice on some family news. The christening of Catarina! My five month old niece was christened today. She is such a good baby. She didn't even let out a peep. She hardly ever cries. It was a lovely christening and father Joe did a wonderful job. He made everyone feel that they were a part of it and made them remember their baptisms. It was special. My brother in law and sister in law did a nice party afterwards that everyone enjoyed. It was a nice day.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Architect Finally Done?

I spoke with the architect and it seems that he might have finally completed all of the revisions this town has asked him to complete. I think he is supposed to drop the plans of at my house tonight and the builder is going to take them to the town tomorrow and maybe finally get the permits for the job. One could only hope. Of course, Monday is a holiday so I'm sure that will delay the issuance of the permits by weeks. My sister who started this process after me is already starting her construction. Its always the same story with my jobs. I'm last.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rules and Regulations Part 14

The Township of Washington thwarts its citizens at every turn when they try to improve their residences. The latest saga is our submitted codes are not up to date and our smoke alarms don't show on the plans. It seems that the town eagerly adopt any changes to the codes as the State changes them so that they may charge additional fees and impose prohibitive regualtions upon its people. As far as the smoke alarms are concerned, they were installed years ago under code required by the town. You would think that they would have retained that info and referenced it. But i guess not. It's for the homeowner to provide again. A database would be a good idea for this town. So needless to say our construction job has been delayed another 15 to 20 days. We probably wont be breaking ground now until mid to end of October. It's getting mighty close to when the snow flys!