Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Stressful, Busy Time Off of Work

See this dog? This dog stayed at my house over the weekend. It was a seeing eye pup that needed watching over the weekend. My wife agreed to pet sit. This cute pup was a terror! She was a barker, a biter and had a bad attitude. That's how I spent most of my weekend. Keeping this cute pup in line. It nipped me good a couple of times and got my little girl a good one on the back of her leg. It chased my 13 year old around (which was actually funny to see) and generally terrorized the kids. And they still want a dog. Go figure!

I also advertised my 1998 Honda Accord. (You know. The one that was in the crash) I told everyone who came to see it that it was in a crash, but that it wasn't that bad and it was fixed. Nobody believed me. They all thought I was trying to unload a bad car on them. They all thought I was lying to them. The guy who finally bought it actually asked me if I told him the truth about the accident. Why would I tell him anything if I was trying to lie? The people who called me about the car and those who came out to see it were ALL weird. Each and everyone of them. It was like they were out of a freak show or a circus. Well, that was stressful too, but I sold it. For less than I wanted to, but I sold it. Never again will I do something like that. I never thought I'd say this but I'd rather deal with a car dealer.