Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Off the Rack Clothes

Went to Macy's last night because the wife said my pants were too big and I needed new ones. I guess it's a good thing that I had to buy new clothes because they were too big. Usually its because they get too tight. Well I normally hate clothes shopping because I have limited availability due to the fact that I have to find larger sizes to fit me. This time it was easier though. Since I fit into normal sized clothes, there was more variety and I got to choose sale items. My wife gave me a pair of Haagar slacks to try on and I snapped at her that I don't wear those pants because they have elastic in the waist band. Homer Simpson wears those pants! I found a couple of pairs of pants two shirts and a belt and it wasn't all that much. I went down a size in my shirt too. I wear a Large now instead of an X-L. It feels good to go into a store and buy clothes off of a rack without rifling through them to find the big ones.