Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Car Crash

Last weekend I got into a car crash. I was driving in my 1998 Honda Accord with my wife in the front passenger seat and two of my children Jack and Diana in the back seat. We were on our way to relieve a friend who had been babysitting my sister-in-law's newborn all day. We had picked up some Chinese and some KFC for her and the kids and we were planning to have a nice relaxing evening watching little Catarina. The kids were cute because we rarely order out and they were excited to help out babysitting. My oldest daughter was out at a birthday party for one of her friends, so this was their chance to step up and be the big helpers.
We were going along between 35 to 40 mph and going through an intersection. It was a green light and the intersection was clear. Suddenly this blue car travelling in the opposite direction turned directly into my path. There was no time to do anything but jam on the brakes. I locked them up and we collided. I think we slowed enough so that the impact wasn't bad enough to set off the air bags, but it was a real jolt. Her car spun into the intersection and hit another car. I was able to pull over. I looked back to see if the kids were all right. They were wide eyed but ok. Thank God for that. My wife was ok too. Everyone was wearing seat belts. It really makes a difference. I never go anywhere without making sure I'm buckled and the kids are buckled in as well. The other driver was not hurt either, but shook up. I walked over to her to make sure she was ok and she was babbling something like, "I don't now where I am". so I left her alone. The cops said she was in the wrong and there were three witnesses who said she drove right in front of me. I hope my insurance carrier sees it that way. This will probably mean the end of my car. I didn't even pay off the repair bill from last month yet. Oh well. Nobody was hurt. My kids were safe and we all walked away. That's what's important. The car can be replaced. My kids can't.