Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yankee Game

Today I'm taking somebody who is from San Francisco to Yankee Stadium. He has never been there before. That to me is really something! I have been to Yankee Stadium as a kid with my Dad to see the Giants play football. It was before they renovated and I remember getting to the seats and there was a big column in front of one of the seats. My Dad looked at the two seats and pointed to the obstructed view seat and said, "that's yours". I really didn't care. I had a great time and my Dad bought me this red plastic horn so I could blow the charge song. I have been to a few Yankee games there. A couple with my kids. So my co worker for SF is going to get a treat. He gets to see a game at Yankee Stadium on the last season they play in the old stadium. The stadium the legends played in. I think he will enjoy it. I hope the Yanks win.