Monday, May 19, 2008

When You're Little

When you're little life is really much easier. Your problems are smaller. My daughter Diana tells me that she hates being little because she isn't allowed to do anything fun. She can't stay up late and she can't go out by herself. She isn't allowed to cross the street or go down to the shopping mall alone. She told me it's not fair that she's so little. I told her it's good to be little because she doesn't have to do the same chores her sister and brother have to do. (I told this to her as they were clearing the dinner dishes and loading the dishwasher and washing pots.) She looked at them working and grinned at them. They looked at her and sneered. Then I let her crawl up into my lap and I told her that its good to be little because she can still fit into my lap. (She really is getting a tad too big for that but its OK.) She looked at me and smiled and snuggled into me. "So you see" I told her, "its not so bad being little. And you're not little for long." She just grunted at me and mumbled something about me changing her bedtime to a later hour. I gave the answer I always give.
We'll see.