Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Talented People

My San Francisco employee was in our New York office this week finally meeting his co-workers for the first time since he began working for me almost seven years ago. As he worked with them and talked about their jobs and their responsibilities, he said to me how impressed he was with all of them. He is right. I have quite a few talented people working for me. They are a blend of skills and knowledge that really do impress those who meet them. When I sit down and think what they have to do on a daily basis it is amazing. Not only do they have their skills, they share and teach one another. That mentoring, the sharing of skill sets each one may possess more of than the other, that is what impresses me most. They truly want to pass on their knowledge and teach what they know. They get satisfaction when their co-workers understand the job as well as they do. Managing them isn't about managing the people. It's about managing the environment in which they work. I just try to insure that they are able to grow in the workplace. In doing this my department benefits and so do I.