Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Addition

My sister in law had a baby on April 29th. She is really small, (as babies usually are) and really cute. I had a day off from work yesterday and visited them both in the hospital. They are both doing very well. Catarina is the babies name and she is a good girl. She is so quiet and she sleeps alot. Once in a while she opens her eyes and looks at the world around her, makes a really cute sound and then drops off to sleep. I hope for my sister in law and my brother in law's sake she stays like that for them. They have an active 2 year old at home and he keeps them busy enough. This baby will most likely be the last one born in our family as we are all getting on in years. It was nice to be holding a newborn again. It reminded me of when I had my kids. It just serves to remind you that as you read the bad news each day, there is hope out there with every single child born.

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