Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Town's Shameful War on Critters

Jogging this morning I realized that my town must be waging a war on critters in my town. On any given day there are at least three carcasses of squirrels, possums or skunks left strewn about on the road after they have been run over by a car or after they have met some other untimely end. Never does the town send an animal control officer to clean up the carcass. There it sits. Day after day. Becoming flattened and twisted by each passing car. It's body being turned into a gruesome display of festering guts and tanning leather until it becomes some hard piece of hairy disc that slides around on the road. Does my town leave these bodies strewn on the road as a warning to other critters? Do they mean to say, "Look what happened to this critter. If you stay here this could be you!!" Why don't we just remove their heads and place them on poles around town? They could place them by the signs that say You are now Entering Township of Washington. CRITTERS BEWARE! and have their head on a pole next to the sign. Or we could crucify them and stick them up by the side of the main roads. This would be more effective than just leaving them on the road.