Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cell Phone Tower Revisited

Last night my Town Council held a public meeting. Most of the people there were interested in one topic: the cell phone tower. However, they allowed one person who had an issue with a neighbor making a second driveway on his property open the session. After he presented the council admitted that the ordinance that they crafted last year to address the problem of people who needed more driveway space parking on their front lawns was faulty. It allowed anyone who needed more space to dump gravel on their lawn and use that as parking. This was a loophole that some were using and it made for ugly properties and angry neighbors.
The next issue was the cell phone tower issue. The council tried to assure us that they were on top of the issue and that they were going to try to persuade the cell phone companies to use "distributed antennae technologies" or "non impact" technologies instead of a 125 foot tower. I am seriously incredulous especially after witnessing how they botched a driveway ordinance. How do they expect to stand up to cell phone companies?