Monday, May 05, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Saturday was my daughter Diana's seventh birthday. She is the youngest child of my three. At 5 pm we had 17 little 6 year olds show up just waiting to be entertained for two hours. My wife and I decided to do a house party. We decided against renting out a party place or some type of entertainment because the costs were unbelievable and Diana wasn't thrilled with the activities she had to choose from. We chose to do a house party. We had one of our friends "style" the girls hair, our teenage daughter and her friends did their nails and then there were games. It went pretty well. The one thing I notice throughout the whole party though was my daughter. The way she conducts herself and how she interacts within her group is amazing. She is so confident and sure of herself. I think she is really something. I tell her I think she is a "pip". She is brimming with confidence and self assured-ness and I think she is destined to do some big things. Happy birthday Diana. Many more.