Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things You Should Never Do

  1. Don't go into the woods to retrieve your foul ball. I did and got a bad case of poison ivy.
  2. Don't sit next to someone on the bus who ate Kim Chi for breakfast. I spent the entire 40 minute ride into New York City gasping for fresh air at the buses air conditioning vent today. Phew! Rotting fermented cabbage (yuck)
  3. Don't try to keep wearing clothes that you used to wear when you were 47 lbs heavier. I am wearing pants that can fall off at any minute. I told my kids I'm like the cool kids. I like my boxers to show.
  4. Don't discuss politics at work...Ever!
  5. Don't try to come to work when you have a terrible case of poison ivy. Go to the doctor!
  6. You should never expect anybody to like reading a list of things they should never do.

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