Monday, April 07, 2008

Resurrecting the Chaz Sheet

Today I dusted off the old blog I started four years ago! It's amazing how this stuff never seems to go away on the Internet. It was still there, with the original post from Christmas Eve 2004. Miraculously there were four spam posts attached to it as well. Well much has happened since those days. What is tops on my mind? Well that's what this blog, The Chaz Sheet is going to put out there. It's going to be a forum of my thoughts and my feelings on a cross section of items. I thought to cover politics, but, its frustrating and booorrriinnggg! So I'm going to try to keep with things that lots of us deal with, work and family life. I hope if some of you find this that you read it and find some of it interesting and relevant. I hope that some of you make a connection with me. Maybe this can be a really interactive experience where some real learning can happen...or maybe not..Let's see where this goes.

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