Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Musings

The 165 to New York was half full. Lots of people took off today. Passover begins tomorrow so that could be a reason. When there is a Jewish holiday commuting to New York is easy. Reading the Wall Street Journal is depressing lately. Rice hoarding causing riots, energy prices going through the roof, inflation recession stag-flation, whatever it is....No good news. They are mugging the Olympic torch runners for goodness sake. Enough with people's causes! It's an athletic competition and has no room for politics. I'm bored with people's politics. I wish we could swipe them away with a wave of our magic wand. I wish we could empty the House and Senate and fill them with people like us. Average ordinary workers who slog it out everyday. People who know the pain of eeking it out. Not these lawyers who have to listen to their big corporation contributors. Enough! We want honesty and integrity and people who work. That's my Friday stuff.

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