Monday, April 28, 2008

Drawing Strength

Yesterday I sat in church and listened as a guest lecturer talked to us about the lesson we read for the day. All in all, he was not that great of a speaker, but his message was interesting. It was about being able to draw strength and get through this world. He talked about how the Holy Spirit can work on us to continue to talk to Christ and get strength from him through prayer. Prayer isn't a one way call. It is a request and their usually is an answer. Sometimes it might not be what you want or expect, but God answers prayer and we need to recognize it.
I have been through much. I have lost an eye, endured cancer and its treatments. I have had heart bypass surgery because of the cancer treatment and yet I don't think I'm bitter or mad at God. I was when I was younger. When I first lost my eye I was mad at God, but I soon saw that this was something that didn't make sense. God didn't make that happen. It was something that just happened to me. It's how you react to these things that really shape you. I guess it is how you deal with these incidents that determine your life's path. If you ask for strength and guidance you usually get it. I get a sense of calmness and peace when others think I should be worried and in a panic. I guess that's how God has answered my prayers. I need to figure out what I do next with it though. I need to figure out my next steps. What would He want me to do next?

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