Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cell Phone Towers

Last night I attended a town council meeting about a cell phone tower that is supposed to go up in our town. It was originally planned to go up behind the tennis club in town. But the residents that live there (a upper class part of town) got together and got lawyers and got the town to move the cell tower to municipal property (behind my house, in a not so wealthy part of town). The meeting was attended by over 100 people. There was a lawyer there from the wealthy people who were getting the tower moved to my back yard and she presented to the town council. The council president was off-putting from the start telling the crowd that we were at the wrong meeting and that our comments and concerns were best directed to the Zoning Board. The lawyer was cool though because she pointed out that our town council should be our advocates in this situation. Instead of just sitting there with there thumbs up their asses and letting the cell phone companies screw them, they should have been pro actively y passing ordinances that would have required the cell phone companies to install distributed antennae systems. These are systems that don't require a 125 foot structure and can be installed without destroying our property value. The town council just looked at her blankly. They are a bunch of bone head jerks. What do they care. They don't have to live in the shadow of this stupid thing.

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