Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! HA! I remember when Earth Day was run by hippies and anarchists. Now its run by the likes of Annheiser Busch and Hummer. My how things have changed. Corporations have jumped on the band wagon to fly their green flag. The whole world has gone crazy! Food prices are rising because we are turning corn and soybeans into fuel. Go figure! People are starving, but they can drive their Subarus. I don't get it anymore.


  1. Isn't it ridiculous...I mean, we fought a 7 year war and we're paying record making prices at the pump...and Hummer rockin Earth Day...WTF

  2. Exactly! I think the line between politics and environmentalists is becoming blurred. It seems that some extreme causes are getting caught up in a movement that had pure motives at first. There should be nothing political about being environmentally aware.