Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feeling Better

My oldest daughter had to get braces so that meant cutting back somewhere in the budget. I chose my health club. After about 6 years of going to NYSC, I dropped it and started working out at home. I knew I had to really start cutting back on my eating because I wasn't going to have the equipment I was used to using. Well, after about 8 months of home training and eating right I lost about 50 lbs. I feel better and I can jog longer than when I was at the gym. When I first started out at home I set out a 2 mile course on which to do my aerobic training. Well I could barely walk it never mind jog it. Slowly, very slowly, I was able to jog parts of it and then walk. Today I ran the entire way except for a steep incline in one part. But I was able to walk briskly up it and begin running quickly. I recovered quickly where as a month ago I was dragging myself up that hill and barely able to breathe. I was worried that my bypass was going wrong and my heart was regressing, but I feel myself getting stronger as I lose more weight. I want to continue this because I feel great!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Drawing Strength

Yesterday I sat in church and listened as a guest lecturer talked to us about the lesson we read for the day. All in all, he was not that great of a speaker, but his message was interesting. It was about being able to draw strength and get through this world. He talked about how the Holy Spirit can work on us to continue to talk to Christ and get strength from him through prayer. Prayer isn't a one way call. It is a request and their usually is an answer. Sometimes it might not be what you want or expect, but God answers prayer and we need to recognize it.
I have been through much. I have lost an eye, endured cancer and its treatments. I have had heart bypass surgery because of the cancer treatment and yet I don't think I'm bitter or mad at God. I was when I was younger. When I first lost my eye I was mad at God, but I soon saw that this was something that didn't make sense. God didn't make that happen. It was something that just happened to me. It's how you react to these things that really shape you. I guess it is how you deal with these incidents that determine your life's path. If you ask for strength and guidance you usually get it. I get a sense of calmness and peace when others think I should be worried and in a panic. I guess that's how God has answered my prayers. I need to figure out what I do next with it though. I need to figure out my next steps. What would He want me to do next?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Poison Ivy

I got poison ivy or oak or sumac in the crease of my arm pretty bad. I'm on steroids and antibiotics and pills to help you not itch. People are funny. They see my arm and ask me what happened. I tell them poison ivy and they jump back thinking they can catch it from me. You cant catch poison ivy from the rash. Only from the oil of the plant. That's my lesson to everyone today.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things You Should Never Do

  1. Don't go into the woods to retrieve your foul ball. I did and got a bad case of poison ivy.
  2. Don't sit next to someone on the bus who ate Kim Chi for breakfast. I spent the entire 40 minute ride into New York City gasping for fresh air at the buses air conditioning vent today. Phew! Rotting fermented cabbage (yuck)
  3. Don't try to keep wearing clothes that you used to wear when you were 47 lbs heavier. I am wearing pants that can fall off at any minute. I told my kids I'm like the cool kids. I like my boxers to show.
  4. Don't discuss politics at work...Ever!
  5. Don't try to come to work when you have a terrible case of poison ivy. Go to the doctor!
  6. You should never expect anybody to like reading a list of things they should never do.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! HA! I remember when Earth Day was run by hippies and anarchists. Now its run by the likes of Annheiser Busch and Hummer. My how things have changed. Corporations have jumped on the band wagon to fly their green flag. The whole world has gone crazy! Food prices are rising because we are turning corn and soybeans into fuel. Go figure! People are starving, but they can drive their Subarus. I don't get it anymore.

The "No Cake Rule"

I manage a department of 14 people. I consider myself a pretty liberal manager. I am reasonable about lateness and time off. I don't hound people un-necessarily. I understand that people don't make mistakes on purpose and I cut people a break. I do enforce a few rules. One of them is no cake celebrations for birthday parties. My stand is that if you want to celebrate a birthday, go out with your co-workers after work. Why is it that I have to go get a cake and stop work and let everyone stand around wishing somebody a happy birthday? It's dumb. Some people think I'm being unreasonable, but I have work to get done. Let their mommies give them cake. I have to get product out the door.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Musings

The 165 to New York was half full. Lots of people took off today. Passover begins tomorrow so that could be a reason. When there is a Jewish holiday commuting to New York is easy. Reading the Wall Street Journal is depressing lately. Rice hoarding causing riots, energy prices going through the roof, inflation recession stag-flation, whatever it is....No good news. They are mugging the Olympic torch runners for goodness sake. Enough with people's causes! It's an athletic competition and has no room for politics. I'm bored with people's politics. I wish we could swipe them away with a wave of our magic wand. I wish we could empty the House and Senate and fill them with people like us. Average ordinary workers who slog it out everyday. People who know the pain of eeking it out. Not these lawyers who have to listen to their big corporation contributors. Enough! We want honesty and integrity and people who work. That's my Friday stuff.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meyer Lemons

I had some Meyer lemons sent to me from my friend Bill in San Francisco. They grow in his yard. They are so pretty. The skin is so smooth and yellow. Canary yellow. The fruit is much softer than the type of lemons we are used to usually getting. My friend said that they are not as bitter and can be eaten. I cut a section and indeed I ate it. It was bitter and slightly sweet. Citrus truly. I wish I lived somewhere where a lemon tree could grow in my yard. I would build a lemonade stand for my daughter Diana and sell lemonade with her every Saturday. Thanks for the lemons Bill.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cell Phone Towers

Last night I attended a town council meeting about a cell phone tower that is supposed to go up in our town. It was originally planned to go up behind the tennis club in town. But the residents that live there (a upper class part of town) got together and got lawyers and got the town to move the cell tower to municipal property (behind my house, in a not so wealthy part of town). The meeting was attended by over 100 people. There was a lawyer there from the wealthy people who were getting the tower moved to my back yard and she presented to the town council. The council president was off-putting from the start telling the crowd that we were at the wrong meeting and that our comments and concerns were best directed to the Zoning Board. The lawyer was cool though because she pointed out that our town council should be our advocates in this situation. Instead of just sitting there with there thumbs up their asses and letting the cell phone companies screw them, they should have been pro actively y passing ordinances that would have required the cell phone companies to install distributed antennae systems. These are systems that don't require a 125 foot structure and can be installed without destroying our property value. The town council just looked at her blankly. They are a bunch of bone head jerks. What do they care. They don't have to live in the shadow of this stupid thing.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Resurrecting the Chaz Sheet

Today I dusted off the old blog I started four years ago! It's amazing how this stuff never seems to go away on the Internet. It was still there, with the original post from Christmas Eve 2004. Miraculously there were four spam posts attached to it as well. Well much has happened since those days. What is tops on my mind? Well that's what this blog, The Chaz Sheet is going to put out there. It's going to be a forum of my thoughts and my feelings on a cross section of items. I thought to cover politics, but, its frustrating and booorrriinnggg! So I'm going to try to keep with things that lots of us deal with, work and family life. I hope if some of you find this that you read it and find some of it interesting and relevant. I hope that some of you make a connection with me. Maybe this can be a really interactive experience where some real learning can happen...or maybe not..Let's see where this goes.